Types of Wireless Keyboards 2021

Today I’m bringing you my Wireless Keyboard review. Wireless is the future of everything. Wireless, Wireless, Wireless! It’s like an addiction; everyone wants it Wireless nowadays. Wireless routers are slowly taking over the world and they can be found in nearly every household these days (I say this with caution as you might not want to receive a dozen of requests for access to your WiFi if you happen to visit my house). Now Wireless technology is fulling its way down into our devices too!

My first encounter with Wireless was from a Logitech keyboard that I had been using for about three years before being replaced by this new piece of beauty… but let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

The product was bought from Amazon for £14.17 ($20) with free shipping, as always. I paid a little more because Wireless is the future so it deserves to be expensive!

What you see from the picture above is just a small part of what Wireless Keyboard has to offer! The Wireless keyboard comes with a USB Receiver which at first glance looks like any other receiver on the market but it’s not. This one can also be used as a wireless mouse too unlike most Wireless receivers that are actually wired and only work as receivers, generally speaking of course (I’m sure there are exceptions out there).

The product itself was packed in plastic foil and inside all of its glory awaited. The packaging was nice and simple… Wireless is all about simplicity, isn’t it? Wireless and Wireless and Wireless and Wireless! All you just need is Wireless.

The keyboard itself is without a doubt the most compact Wireless Keyboard I’ve ever seen – it’s slightly larger than my laptop’s keyboard when unfolded, but when folded the dimensions are roughly the same as a normal USB Flash drive. You can keep it in your pocket or in small compartments within your bag if you don’t carry one around with you (I highly recommend that you do).

The Wireless Receiver also has a clip on the back which allows for easy transportation by clipping it to whatever bag or surface that’s convenient for you, however, Asus did not include a lanyard strap like they did with their Wireless card reader & this was a missed opportunity because its quite bulky to carry around in your pocket when you have both Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Receiver in there.

You can also plug the Wireless receiver into a USB port on any computer – it’s just a regular USB flash drive so nothing unusual about that. The Wireless Keyboard itself is powered by 2 AAA batteries which are not included with the package, however Wireless keyboards have been around for a while now so they shouldn’t be too difficult to find in shops or online as I’ve seen them before, but if you need help buying them online visit my previous Wireless KB article .

The Wireless keyboard doesn’t require installation of software to function properly as long as you install the accompanying driver from Asus website (if your OS didn’t come preinstalled with one). If you don’t install the Wireless keyboard driver then Wireless Keyboard will work as a standard keyboard and you won’t benefit from its Wireless features (nobody wants that, go and get Wireless KB driver).

Wireless Keyboard Style

The Wireless receiver transmits signals using 2.4GHz frequency – this is the same kind of frequency used by Wireless routers – so there shouldn’t be any interference issues if your Wireless router happens to be in close proximity as they both operate on different frequencies. I’ve been using my Wireless KB at the same time as my wireless internet just fine with no lag or disconnects whatsoever.




The Wireless Keyboard itself is very basic with no additional buttons or enhancements that could interfere with your typing experience such as multimedia keys, screen brightness adjustment buttons etc… but one can still perform such actions using their Wireless KB hotkeys. Wireless keyboard also features a folding stand on the back which comes in handy if you’re watching movies or typing something and your Wireless KB happens to be flat on your desk (although I would not recommend having Wireless KB flat for too long because it does get uncomfortable after a while).

The Wireless Keyboard is available in both black & white colors I prefer the white one as it makes my Wireless KB look like a small Wireless router and Wireless routers generally don’t come in black colors so it’s good to give Wireless keyboards some difference! Who wants Wireless boring old thing when we can have the exciting colorful Wireless things instead? Colors are cool, everyone likes them! Don’t try having different Wireless KB colors though – Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless.

Last but not least, I’d like to mention the price. Most good wireless keyboards & mice will usually cost at least $50 and they don’t come with a very stylish design either so you’ll have to buy them separately. This Asus keyboard costs much less than that! It’s price can be viewed by clicking on it in the previous sentence and I’m sure its worth every penny considering what it has to offer and how similar devices might cost more than twice as much (or even 3x). The only downside we found was that there is currently no way of replacing the battery if for some reason you want to change it in the future or some Wireless KB model might even require 2 batteries so Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless.

Conclusion: I think this is a great wireless keyboard and it offers more than most of its competitors since some of them are actually quite expensive. If you want to get rid of that pesky wire then Asus’ KB should be at the top on your list, however if you’re still not convinced that Wireless keyboards are way better than Wired ones then keep reading my previous article where I wrote about all advantages & disadvantages associated with both types of input devices – for example, here’s an adavantage associated with having wired keyboard (in case you miss it):

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